Operations & Equipment

TOPS utilizes state of the art density and chemical controls which provide a high level of accuracy.  We are capable of providing technologies including Borate and Zr complex chemistry utilizing Guar and CMHPG polymers.  In addition, we can pump FR, linear gel, and synthetic polymer systems.  To augment our gel systems, we pump any range of proppant types and sizes.

Analysis of the fracturing job takes place in a cutting edge on site facility with well-trained operations and technical crews.  Our data stream capability includes fully automatic chemical and density controls.  The van is equipped with satellite communication, powerful computers, and the most up to date software including Accufrac and Fracpro.

The QAQC is a fully functioning mobile lab offering H20 and sand analysis.  Testing of all job specific chemicals is standard practice including live samples of pH, viscosity, and temperature.  We provide a plotted graph of the cross linked gel from the point of hydration to breakdown simulating down hole pressures and temperatures.

TOPS Equipment Includes:   Total Horsepower 27,000 HHP

  • One (1) 2012 Model Stewart & Stevenson Control & Data Van
  • Twelve (12) 2012 Model Stewart & Stevenson FT-2215 HP  Pumping Units
  • Two (2) 2012 Model Stewart & Stevenson MT-102 HP Blending Units
  • One (1) 2012 Model Stewart & Stevenson CT-5 CAS/HYD Hydration Unit   
  • One (1) 31-foot Quality Control Van
  • Twenty Two (22) 2013 Model Kenworth W900 Tractors
  • Five (5) Kenworth 2013 Model W900B Tractors
  • One(1) Kenworth 2013 Model W900B Winch Truck
  • One (1) Kenworth 2013 Model Mechanics
  • Four (4) Flat Bed Trailers
  • Four (4) Polar Sand Pneumatic Trailers

Control and Data Van

  • Manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson
  • Automated Sand and Liquid Additive Controls
  • Dual in-line Densometer Tracking
  • Live Data Streaming via Satellite
  • Eleven (11) Work Stations
  • Onsite FracPro® Analysis
  • Full AccuFrac™ Automated Control of up to 24 Pumps
  • Automated Climate Control
  • Self Contained Diesel Generator
  • LED Lighting
  • Inline Densometer with Backup unit
  • Back-up Battery System

Pump Units

  • Manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson
  • Self Contained 2250 HP Pumps
  • 5” Triplex Pumps – Maximum Operating Pressure – 12,100 psi
  • Allison Transmissions
  • SPM Triplex Fluid Ends
  • Individual Pressure Pop-off Valves
  • All Equipment Controlled Centrally
  • Winter ready

Manifold System

  • Manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson
  • Incorporate up to Ten (10) pumps
  • Pressure Rated to 15,000 psi
  • Winter ready

Hydration Unit

  • Manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson
  • Model CT-5CAS/HYD
  • 200 Barrel Hydrating Tub
  • Up Five (5) Liquid Chemical Additive Capability
  • Live Brookfield Viscosity and pH Range Monitoring
  • Backup Roper Gel Pump
  • Detroit  Diesel 60 Series Engine
  • Winter ready

Blending Unit

  • Manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson
  • Process ~100 barrels per minute
  • Five (5) Liquid Additive Capability
  • One (1) Dry Additive System
  • Three (3) Sand Augers
  • Winter ready

Quality Control Van

  • Model 31DT-TP-01
  • Fully Staffed – Two Technicians
  • Automated Climate Control
  • Fully Stocked Chemical Laboratory
  • Real-time Viscosity Monitoring
  • Real-time pH Monitoring
  • Constant Monitoring of Fluid Compatibility