Our goals are to…

  1. Operate in an accident-free manner relative to personnel health, operational safety and environmental impact.
  2. Be a leader in the hydraulic fracturing industry.
  3. Deliver efficient hydraulic fracturing services that provide added value to the customer.

To achieve these goals Tops Well Services must have excellent HSE performance by its personnel and contractors, and strong support from its customers.

How we achieve them…

To achieve this Tops Well Services will implement a HSE Management System that has the following components:

  • Health, Safety & Environment Elements, Expectations & Applications
  • HSE Management Policies
  • Key HSE Management System Processes
  • HSE Guidelines, Procedures, References and Forms.

The HSE Expectations describe goals, objectives and standards of the HSE Management System and the expected commitment of Tops Well Services personnel in achieving the company’s goals.

All Executives, Managers and Supervisors must communicate and explain the HSE Expectations to their teams and are accountable for delivery of HSE performance.

The HSE Management Policies, Key HSE Management System (HSEMS) Processes and Guidelines, Procedures, References and Forms support the HSE Expectations. These components define the HSE operating parameters that ensure the operational risks are being managed to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

What is the outcome?

Effective utilization of the HSE Management System (HSEMS) will result in minimal safety and environmental incidents.

This will contribute to the internal strength and efficiency of the company, thereby enhancing its industry reputation and identifying it as a preferred hydraulic Fracturing company.

What does the HSE Management System provide?

The HSE Management System provides a set of Expectations based on the fifteen elements described in the company’s HSE Policy.

These Expectations focus managers on HSE needs, activities and resources that are essential for consistent delivery of high HSE performance.

The Expectations are supported by HSE System components. These components are the tools used to fulfill the Expectations.

The Fifteen Elements of Tops Well Services HSE Management System

  1. Leadership
  2. Policy, Objectives & Performance Standards
  3. Company Organization & Responsibilities
  4. Employee Involvement & Communication
  5. Hazard Identification & Risk Management
  6. Information & Documentation
  7. Employee Selection, Competency, Training & Health Management
  8. Engineering, Design & Construction
  9. Purchasing & Management of Materials & Services
  10. Management of Change
  11. Operational Procedures
  12. Maintenance, Inspection and Testing
  13. Emergency Response and Crisis Management
  14. Incident & Hazard Reporting & Investigation
  15. Audit and Review

Regional and facility operations use these systems and supplement them when required to meet specific regional or operational requirements.

Continuous improvement…

HSE management is a continual process of learning and involves capturing, analyzing and sharing knowledge gained through experiences across the regions and work locations in order to ensure that operations are made safer and more efficient.

Measuring continuous improvement…

Development, implementation and results of system improvements are indicated by the following processes:

  • Audits and reviews
  • Hazard identification and risk assessments programs
  • Monitoring performance indicators against set standards

Corporate and regional managers confirm that these processes are in place and working effectively to manage HSE risks associated with their operational activities.

Commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental Performance

Everybody who works on a Tops Well Services is responsible for working together to achieve the HSE objectives. HSE performance and the health and safety of personnel that work for us are critical to our success.

Tops Well Services goals are to operate accident-free, be an industry leader and deliver efficient and value-added Hydraulic Fracturing services.

In all activities and operations, the company will:

  • Comply fully with all legal requirements and meet or exceed these requirements wherever we operate in the world.
  • Provide a secure working environment by protecting personnel, equipment, and operations against risk of injury, loss or damage from criminal or hostile acts.
  • Ensure that all employees, contractors and others are informed, trained, engaged in and committed to the HSE improvement process. The company recognizes that safe operations depend not only on technically sound equipment but also on competent people and an active HSE culture, and that no activity is so important, or routine, that it cannot be done safely.
  • Regularly provide assurance that the processes in place are working effectively through audits and reviews. While all TOPS personnel and contractors are responsible for HSE performance, managers and supervisors are accountable for understanding and managing HSE risks.
  • Fully participate in hazard identification and risk assessments, audits and reporting of HSE results.
  • Maintain both internal and public confidence in the integrity of the company’s operations. The performance will be openly reported and the company will consult with outside specialists to improve the understanding of HSE issues associated with it’s operations.
  • Expect that all parties working on the behalf of the company recognize that they can have an impact on operations and company reputation, and thereby must operate to Tops Well Services standards.