TOPS, headquartered in Sealy, TX, and serving the Uinta Basin, Greater Green River Basin, Piceance Basin as well as the surrounding Rocky Mountain Region, is a well services company specializing in hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is a well stimulation process performed to improve production from geological formations where natural flow is restricted. Fluid is pumped into a well at sufficiently high pressure to fracture the formation. A proppant (sand or ceramic material) is then added to the fluid and injected into the fracture to prop it open, thereby permitting the hydrocarbons to flow more freely into the wellbore. Once the sand has been placed into the fracture, the fluid flows out of the well leaving the sand in place. This creates a very conductive pipeline into the formation.


We seek to differentiate our services from those of our competitors by providing customized solutions for our customers' most challenging well completions through extensive front-end technical analysis and close coordination with our customers. We provide onsite design engineers to configure and execute jobs on a well-by-well basis and implement targeted pumping configurations to better meet the challenges of a given well, which results in less redundant pumping capacity. Our design engineers and job supervisors are involved in every stage of the project from design to water testing to pump configuration and deployment to post-job analysis. By closely monitoring our equipment performance during pressure intervals and by performing rigorous equipment maintenance at the wellsite, we are able to complete a fracturing job efficiently, while minimizing the risk of equipment failures. We believe our customer focus and attention to detail enhances the efficiency and quality of a fracturing project, resulting in faster well completion for our customers. Our customers value the experience, technical expertise, high level of customer service and demonstrated operational efficiencies that we bring to projects.